I have been a runner ever since the sixth grade when I started running in neighborhood races after school, and I consider myself both a competitive and recreational runner. I relish the thrill of signing up for a race months in advance, knowing I will put in rigorous training time then travel to a new destination to compete with thousands of other runners who have the same passion for running. However, I also enjoy tying on my running shoes and just going for a casual jog with my husband through the neighborhood. For me, there has always been something about running that is calming yet exciting and adventurous.


Over the years I have run a number of races from 5K to 10K to half marathons to marathons, always searching for a new challenge. At each of these races, I acquired my bib number, race photos, finisher certificate, and other race memorabilia. For some runners, these items are meaningless, and they usually end up in the trash. For me, each one is a sign of accomplishment that I value and have kept safely tucked away in an expandable folder until I could design a way to organize them.


The idea for RACEDAY came to me after completing my first marathon in 2008, the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco. I had trained for months with Team in Training while raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and awareness to the community about blood cancers. Shortly after crossing the finish line I realized what an awesome accomplishment completing a marathon was and I was ready to search for my next marathon! It was then that I realized how much time and dedication really goes into completing an endurance event and I wanted to have a way to proudly showcase my memories and reasons for racing. Utilizing my college degree in printing and packaging science I started developing the ideal race memory book that would eventually become RACEDAY in the fall of 2010.


Whether you are a seasoned runner like me who has completed numerous marathons or a beginner who has just found a passion for racing, this book is also for you. It will allow you to display and preserve your running keepsakes and memories. It was created not only to exhibit your racing accomplishments, but also to give you a vehicle to reflect on past races as you seek new challenges on your running journey.


Happy Racing!


Lauren Kapeluck